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THIS WEEK IN HORIZON (April 25 – 29, 2016)
Kevin C. Garinger – Director of Education

As I’m reflecting on how quickly this year has gone, I recognize that I sometimes forget to stop and enjoy the precious gifts in life. Work is important to me and knowing how hard staff work in Horizon, I know I’m not alone. It sometimes feels that the things that are most critical in our lives, like our family, will wait for us while we get this last project done or this last assessment completed. The problem is they don’t truly wait so we need to ensure we take the time for ourselves and for others we’re in relationship with. My challenge to any of you who read this focuses on the importance of providing the time for self in order to provide for relationship. If your loved ones need you, give them your time. If a child at your school wants to talk, provide them the audience they deserve. If you get the chance to enjoy a breather, take it for yourself…and for others. Any of you who have flown in airplanes know that the first thing you are to do in the event of a loss in cabin pressure is to dawn your own mask first. You can’t help others unless you take care of yourself. I don’t think it hurts to be reminded of the importance of keeping ourselves healthy, both physically and mentally, so we can help others. All this said, I have begun to look deeply at our recent Fountas and Pinnell results from across the system, and the time we are spending on our Board’s literacy goal is making a significant difference in our results. The deeper why related to this data translates into learning improvement for our children and students. I look forward to sharing how we’ve done in upcoming engagements and future editions of TWIH. Our success belongs to each stakeholder in this journey including our parents, our Board, our school staffs, our central office staff and, of course, our children. We’re on the right path and our efforts are paying large dividends in student learning success. The amazing thing to me is…we still have two months to keep making an even greater difference so keep taking the time for self so others can get the best of you.


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  • Cultural Day at LES
    Lanigan Elementary School celebrated Cultural Day Wednesday, April 27, 2016. LES Culture Day was organized with one major goal in mind; to create a mindset for the student body that learns from each other and creates a community together. The day was a Full Story...
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    Interpret the Past, Forge the Future To understand something that happened quite some years ago, takes an open mind, a lot of background information and time. The Horizon School Division and other enthusiasts of knowledge put on a Holocaust symposium at Full Story...
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